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Are you getting ready to release a CD, publish a book, premier a new work, present a paper, host a summer camp, launch your website, …?  Please come on the show to talk about the project.  I have a real strong desire to help you get more recognition for your work.

Composer Connection

New music is a passion of mine and talking with composers is always a blast.  If you are premiering a new work and would like to have a conversation about the process along side your composer, it sounds like a perfect show to me.

Chamber Music

Take your launch of a chamber music tour or CD release to a new level.  Lets have the entire group on the show!  Chamber music is such a great way for saxophonists to promote the instrument in their communities, I would love to be a resource for helping you get the word out about your projects.


There is a huge value in newly developed resources, teaching tools, books, and websites designed for saxophone pedagogy.  Talking with anyone developing these materials or those influencing others with their teaching will have an impact on our listeners.

This is a Podcast by Saxophonists for Saxophonists

Finishing Your Doctorate?

The intense amount of work required of doctoral candidates to produce an acceptable document worthy of publication is sometimes lost in the sea of archives.  Come on the show to bring your paper to life!  I would love to help draw our audience to be aware of your research and spread the knowledge you have gained.

History 101

Our instrument history is filled with some of the most unique and interesting personalities.  If you have researched a particular saxophonist or just have some stories you would like to share about your experiences this is a perfect medium to share.

Special Episode

Do you have an idea for an episode you believe would be both entertaining and add value to our listeners?  I am open to your suggestions as I see this podcast as a developing project intended to be flexible in its format.


Writers, Let's Blog!

Is blogging an interest of yours and you’re looking for another place to publish your work.  I would be happy to read your submission and if it meets our standards add your post to The Modern Saxophonist Blog.

Mark McArthur, Host

Mark McArthur, Host

Eric Bradley, Co-Host

Eric Bradley, Co-Host

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